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Why Sopris

At Sopris Health + Wellness we apply a shared conscious mindset to everything we do and are fully committed to bringing you not only the best product, but professional service, progressive pricing, and an ethical approach toward business and the community as a whole. Here are just a few of the ways Sopris Health + Wellness rises above the rest.  


Superior CBD

Highest Quality CBD on the market

Our high quality CBD starts with the finest hemp grown naturally with love in Colorado. We’ve partnered with trusted Colorado farms to make sure our CBD comes from top quality hemp that is grown organically.  

We then use a patented extraction process in order to preserve the fullest spectrum of secondary plant nutrients possible. Rather than using CO2 or butane, we extract CBD using an all-natural low-temperature lipid infusion process.

This process preserves the fullest spectrum of secondary cannabinoids, terpenes and other nutrient compounds from the plant providing the most effective CBD on the market. Research shows that the inclusion of these additional cannabinoids and nutrients multiplies the benefits and improves overall effectiveness in CBD.


Professional Service

Professional Service

We know there are a lot of CBD companies out there and we want to do everything we can to earn your trust, which is why we are dedicated to offering the highest caliber of service to our customers. We are committed to timely and responsive service, quick order turnaround, open honest conversation, and a no questions asked return policy.  

Need something else? Drop us a line, we’d LOVE to talk with you!


Progressive Pricing

Progressive Pricing

We’re on a mission to help everyone we can, and know from experience often times the people who need help most can’t afford it. If you’re interested in our products but struggling with the price tag, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to find to make it work.


Charitable Giving

5% of proceeds to charity

Simple as that, we give back 5% of sales to charity. Our first charity contributions will go to help combat the opioid epidemic and teen suicide. If you have a charity you’d like us to support let us know and we’d be happy to talk!


These are just few of our initiatives to ensure we become, and stay your trusted partner for CBD. Want more? Check out our Subscription Discounts and Referral Rewards Program!

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