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Our CBD Story: Sopris Health & Wellness

Sopris Health & Wellness was founded in the artist community of Carbondale, Colorado, which is nestled at the base of Mount Sopris, a rare twin-summit mountain in the range of the Rocky Mountains. With the summit of Mount Sopris as an inspiration to the community, we enjoy the shared conscious mindset that everyone should have access to affordable and natural health solutions.

We are proud that our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD products are Colorado made and grown by working with small producers. We also stand by our commitment to donate 5% of our proceeds to charities that provide mental health support and help tackle the opioid epidemic. You’re invited to experience why our commitment to quality separates Sopris Health & Wellness from the rest.

How We Discovered Colorado Made and Grown Full-Spectrum CBD

Launching in 2018, Sopris Health & Wellness CEO and Founder Bryan Ward determined to produce Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD as a local, independent business adhering to the “whole plant approach.” A multi-time entrepreneur, Bryan felt he could make quality Full-Spectrum CBD products comparable to what you would find in the vitamin aisle by taking out the guesswork for anyone new to Hemp CBD.

Bryan first discovered hemp by working for a summer on a friend’s hemp farm who was pioneering the new crop in Boulder County, Colorado. Sustainability being paramount to the ranch, this includes raising free-range chickens and growing without the use of pesticides or chemicals. One summer turned into a partnership where all of Sopris Health & Wellness products are made from the same single independent grower in the U.S.

Learning all about the uses of hemp, Bryan found this ancient plant has shown to be an alternative solution for chronic pain, inflammation, more restful sleep, arthritis, anxiety, migraines, cramps, epilepsy, and more. In essence, hemp CBD could be an alternative to the multitude of modern prescriptions without any of the side effects.

Why Buy Local: Our CBD Buyer’s Guide

full spectrum cbd salve hemp plants all natural

We strongly believe that not all CBD is created equal. When buying CBD oil and other products, it is important to support your local hemp farmer in the U.S. when possible. This is especially true for hemp, which naturally absorbs any toxins or heavy metals from the soil it grows in. We only work with other suppliers who adhere to the same standards of testing and natural or organic hemp farming practices to produce a safe product.

Industrial hemp is a global business with countries like China supplying the market with cheap and untested sources of CBD. It’s important to know where your hemp comes from in order to avoid potential interactions from chemicals used during the growing or extraction process. We believe in shopping local to support our community.

In addition, Sopris Health & Wellness includes how much CBD is in each dropper, gelcap and bottle of product, so you can be confident about dosage. Proper labeling means you won’t play a guessing game about how much you are taking and included in each product.

The Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD

full spectrum CBD hemp plants all natural health and wellness

Studies have shown that the benefits of CBD include promoting homeostasis in the body, which is why there are far reaching potential effects such as pain relief, immune system function, increasing alertness, promoting bone growth, and encouraging healthy skin.

The patented, lipid-infusion process extracts CBD into organic coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. MCT is quickly digested and absorbed by the liver as a fuel source for the body and brain. Our topical CBD Soothing Salve is another easily absorbable option to target arches and pains with arnica, camphor and rosehip in almond, avocado, and coconut oils.

Explore the full range of benefits in our CBD Education section, including dosages for CBD and taking CBD with other medications.


Founded in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we believe both physical and mental health is paramount to living an extraordinary life. We give back 5% of proceeds to help combat the opioid epidemic and teen suicide by supporting mental health services. Sopris Health and Wellness is committed to providing high quality, naturally sourced CBD products to elevate your body, mind, and soul.

We invite you to join us on this journey of natural living by buying your Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD with Sopris Health & Wellness. Still have questions? Reach out to to speak to one of our wellness experts.

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