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Sopris Rx

Full-spectrum CBD extracts are among the safest and most powerful therapeutic tools available. We’re committed to providing you with only the best quality and most potent forms of CBD supplements and topicals you can buy.  Our proprietary extraction methodology provides you with access to a superior product by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, high pressures and high temperatures; all things that degrade the quality of the product. Our gelcaps and tinctures have an MCT (derived from coconut oil) base to assist in the absorption and bioavailability of the CBD while our topicals combine only the best and most natural ingredients.  

Our full-spectrum extracts bring the therapeutic power of all of the other wonderful constituents of the hemp plant, like terpenes, phenols and other cannabinoids. 

You can rest assured, with our Rx products, you are getting the very best CBD product available and you will feel the difference.

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