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Stories of Sopris - John Lee

I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. Having a career in herbalism, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of herbs and formulated dozens of successful products. Every day I see just how powerful herbs can be in the right context. However, CBD products seemed to be just another flash in the pan; another product that would never live up to its hype. But then I was introduced to the full-spectrum CBD extracts utilized by Sopris Health and Wellness. 🌱

After the very first dose, I felt improved. It was that experience that led me to the depth of research and science that backed up the utility and suitability of CBD-based products in a variety of uses; sleep, anxiety, mood-stabilization, concentration and more. The more I researched, the more validity I found in CBD products; a pattern that my personal experiences confirmed. I was sleeping better, studying harder and living with less stress. 🌱

I was a convert. I started on a quest to find the highest quality, most effective CBD products to share for my customers. After much research, I found the very best product was offered by Sopris Health and Wellness. I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Sopris H&W team. As a product developer, I strive to create high quality, sustainable, and efficacious products so others can experience the benefits I have. It is my goal to expand CBD product use beyond a spot-treatment in reaction to illness or malady. Hemp extracts are a safe and reliable option for so many people and I look forward to sharing those options by crafting the highest quality products available. 🌱

- John Lee, Sopris Health & Wellness Product Manager, Glenwood Springs, CO

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