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Stories of Sopris - Genevieve J. Villamizar

I trust Sopris Health & Wellness's CBD oil. It's a natural substance that comes from a real live green plant. It's harvested from a natural farm near Boulder County, CO, where farmers grew it-- not chemists in a lab. I like it's whole-plant processed in a clean way for the best effects.

Life threw me a curveball and I take CBD to manage the residual effects from what was intense PTSD. I originally used a pharmaceutical drug for anxiety, and it worked, but I didn't trust it—if that makes sense. Putting a capsule of white powder into my body, daily? The instructions had a lot of fine print, a lot of alarming possible side effects. And if I forgot to take a few, whoah, bad things might happen? I didn't want that.

A botanical oil? That I can trust. I carry SHW's CBD oil in my bag. When anxiety sneaks in, I know a dropper of oil in my coffee or a straight-up dose down the back of my throat will dissipate the tension. I'm still me— competent, engaged, at ease in my life. That's important. And in caring for me - my body, my mind, my heart? I like that I'm connecting with nature, plant medicine, to do that.  Genevieve J. Villamizar, Carbondale, CO
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