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How Herbs and Supplement Can Help Combat Anxiety and Depression

About 21 million American adults suffer from mood disorders such as depression and bipolar, and 40 million have an an...

Experiencing Inflammation? Reduce The Effects Naturally

Did You Know?Some of the strongest herbal pain relievers, says Kaley Burns, ND, include white willow, black cohosh, a...

A Botanicals-inspired playlist for life's every moment

Who wouldn’t want to add value to their day by elevating their well-being with crafted Botanicals and a little music ...

Prevent Your Dog From Getting Arthritis

It's a fact of life: No matter how careful we are about diet and exercise, as we age, arthritis is almost inevitable....

Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety - Here's How to Help

For the past couple of months, our pets have become our coworkers, confidants, and constant companions.

4 Mom-Worthy CBD Products to Make Her Mother’s Day

Full-spectrum CBD offers something for every kind of mother – from grand-moms to fur-moms to everyone in-between – a...

10 Reasons to Use Curcumin and Tumeric

Studies with nearly 800 people have found that curcumin relieves pain from osteoarthritis, sometimes just as well as ...

3 CBD-Infused Drink Recipes to Kick-Start Your Mornings

Combine the beneficial properties of full-spectrum CBD with a delicious beverage designed to awaken the senses.  To ...

How Nutrition Improve Your Brain's Health

For improving impaired memory and mental function, nutrition is the key.

7 Supplements to Help You Enjoy Better Shut-Eye

Having trouble sleeping? Here are 7 supplements that can help!

7 Paw-Fect Benefits of CBD for Your Pets

While cats and dogs can’t speak human, ask any pet parent about their relationship with their furry loved one, and yo...

5 Easy & Delicious Smoothie Recipes

Can a drink help you achieve your goals? It sure can if it’s one of these simple, delicious smoothies. Fire up the bl...
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