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Wellness Retailers: Start Making Sales Faster with White Labeling

In today’s business landscape, there’s no denying one simple truth: the competition is huge (and fierce). 

Whether you’re starting your own business, looking to expand your product line or searching for ways to tap into a new revenue stream, there’s one solution that’s blossomed in popularity over the last decade: white labeling

White label products are re-sellable, re-brandable items that your business can provide to customers without having to navigate the time-consuming and costly product development and manufacturing processes.

So, what does the process entail? And how can white labeling benefit your company? Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know. 

What is White Labeling?

White labeling is when a product or service is sold by one company to a third-party reseller without a logo. Your company, acting as the reseller, will receive shelf-ready products that can be customized with your logo and branding – ensuring the products are woven seamlessly into your business’s offerings. 

This frees up time for both parties; the reseller can focus on building profitability and new revenue streams while the manufacturing company can focus on crafting a high-quality product.

The Benefits of Using White Labeling

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Partnering with a company that has already gone through the process of developing a product can save you both time and money. Instead of starting from square one, investing in an existing formula furnishes your business with the opportunity to enrich your value proposition and expand your line of product offerings. 

White labeling allows your company to concentrate on sales optimization and marketing efforts, while quickly expanding your product catalog – all without shouldering the risks and costs associated with developing new products.

2. Faster Sales and Happy Customers

In order for a company to attract more clients and successfully scale, it requires a regular influx of new products to remain competitive and drive customer retention. 

Without a robust collection of high-quality products, it’s nearly impossible to build and maintain a strong brand presence in today’s market. Instead of empty messaging, you can foster credibility and create authority among your target audience by having a collection of products that reinforce your company’s brand and mission. 

You will be able to support your customer faster and more efficiently when you skip the testing and development stage. In the process, you will gain happy and loyal customers – improving profitability, brand reputation and loyalty.

You’re the Expert

It allows you to be an expert in your field and focus on your area of expertise within your company. You won’t have to stretch your resources trying to do things outside of your business’s wheelhouse. Prepackaged solutions can help you avoid making the same mistakes that others have made before you.

Why Work With Us?

  • Our order minimums are low.
  • We manufacture in small batches which keeps the quality high and additives at the lowest
  • Not all CBD is created equal. We are an established manufacturer with high values that guide the way we run our company.
  • Our hemp is grown 100% naturally from one source in Colorado.
  • You can choose the custom label option right for you, and get shelf-ready products at your doorstep. Use our design template or send us your designs to be printed and we will adhere the labels for you.

What Sets us Apart from Other CBD Manufacturers?

Patented Methods

We have patented systems that allow us to offer you the highest quality CBD products on the market. This includes a low-temperature lipid infusion extraction. This extraction process is the most natural and effective way to get a full-spectrum CBD product. We also utilize our patented coconut oil-infused extraction method. This full-spectrum process allows us to offer complementary terpenes and cannabinoids.

We Give Back
We started our company out of a desire to give back with alternative and affordable options that would impact people’s lives in a positive way- aiding them in living lives to their fullest. Our passions led us to give 5% of our proceeds to organizations combating the opioid epidemic and supporting mental health services to fight against teen suicide. 

Let’s Work Together
White labeling is an effective solution for brands that would like to save time and money by adding a product line that has already been developed. You’ve worked hard to create your label – now you need a high-quality product that your customers will benefit from. Learn more about how we can help your through your journey by contacting us today!

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