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Six Places to Take Your Botanical Sampler Pack

Sometimes, life is easier when we have a little help. Through ups and downs, there's one thing that will always make you feel better: balance.

In Western medicine, we're used to treating symptoms. Pharmaceuticals are designed to offset your pains and woes by giving you a dose of something that creates the complete opposite effect. (In pain? Numb it. Stressed? Here's a downer. Depressed, take an upper. Etc.)

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, helps the body find balance so it can do what it does best: heal itself.

You can harness the power of plant medicine to create more balance in your life in specific ways. Our favorite helper: Botanical tinctures combined with full-spectrum CBD.

Our CBD + Botanical Blend tinctures represent the most effective CBD options in the marketplace. In this expertly crafted product line, we target certain ailments by combining the incredible power of a full-spectrum CBD extract with traditional botanical extracts.

Instead of treating symptoms, CBD works on the underlying cause by bringing your body back into balance.

And now, we've made it even easier to integrate these healing tools into your everyday life.

Meet: the CBD + Botanicals Sampler Pack!

Where would you take a little bottle of balance, you ask? 

Vitality: to your morning routine

Whether you start your day reading the paper, taking a run, or running after small children to corral them to school, start it with a pep in your step. 

Morning routine calming

Living in a fast-paced world is hard work for your adrenal system. Our Vitality CBD + Botanical tincture enhances liveliness through a combination of high-quality full-spectrum CBD and adaptogenic herbs ashwagandha, maca and eleuthero. The net result is more energy, stamina and support for your adrenal system which means more pep for you.

Focus: to the office

Need a productivity boost? Find mental clarity and enhance cognitive function with our expertly formulated and proprietary blend.

Especially useful for busy and distracted minds, full-spectrum CBD provides calming balance while bacopa, ginkgo, and rosemary enhance memory retention while also supporting the long-term health of the nervous system. 

Serenity: to the modern world

Let's face it: modern times are not always the most soothing. 

Our Serenity CBD + Botanical Blend combines the calming (but not sedative) quality of full-spectrum CBD with the synergistic action of lemon balm, passionflower and kava to provide all-natural relaxation.

Take the edge off stress and anxiety without any of the sedating effects of many other less natural options, and find a little more serenity in your 21st century life.

Relief: to the slopes!

Ready for a bit of fun? Be sure your body's happy, too. 

Sore muscles

Pain and inflammation don’t have to be part of your normal routine. Inflammation affects our bodies in so many ways. Fend off discomfort with the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects of full-spectrum CBD, turmeric, devils claw and white willow. The result: enhanced ease and comfort so you can hit the slopes and feel sweet relief.

Bliss: to winter

Do you ever feel sad when the weather changes? It isn't just in your head. The change in seasons can actually influence your body’s melatonin and serotonin — natural chemicals that play a role in sleep cycles and mood.

In our Bliss Botanical Blend, St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil (Tulsi) and Lemon Balm – join forces with full-spectrum CBD to help you manage stress and anxiety, naturally.

Slumber: to bed

Nothing quite matches the power of a good night's sleep. But if restlessness is keeping you from reaching your full potential, it's time to make a change.


Our Slumber tincture helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. We combined the sedating effects of Valerian and California Poppy with the calming effects of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD and Passionflower to help you rest better. It's effective and non-habit-forming, and it might be one of your (six) new best friends.

All of six of our CBD + Botanical Blend tinctures are handcrafted to help you meet life's challenges and joys in the best way possible. 

Botanical Sampler Pack

These targeted and balanced formulations give you a more effective product than CBD alone can provide. Whether combating anxiety, sleep issues, inflammation, cognitive performance or long-term adrenal support, our Botanicals line has a reliable and powerful option for you and your wellness.

Try them out, and take them on-the-go, with our Botanicals Sampler Pack, and experience how an effective blend of CBD and traditional botanicals can help you live better right now.

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