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A Botanicals-inspired playlist for life's every moment

Elevating your well-being with artisan-crafted Botanicals — and a little music.

Need some pep in your step?

Superbloom by MisterWives + Vitality

Living in a fast-paced world is hard work for your adrenal system. When your day is dragging and you need that extra oomph, enhance liveliness through a combination of the Botanical Blend Vitality and the song Superbloom by Misterwives. You will find yourself with a smile on your face ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Vagabond by Caamp + Vitality

There’s not a better day in the summer than one that is spent by a body of water. Pack a lunch, your favorite beverages, your float device of choice, and head to the river. Let the cold water refresh you and bring you to life. Soak in the sunshine and enjoy the energy from the Botanical Vitality. The song Vagabond by Caamp says it well “One hundred miles an hour in the fast lane. One hundred miles an hour 'til I'm done."


Sometimes, the best way to shake off anything that is gnawing at your mind is to hike it out.

Sunday Best by Surfaces + Relief

There’s not a better feeling of stress being released than summiting a mountain and recognizing what is truly important. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to Sunday Best by Surfaces. Hearing the words “Feeling good, like I should. Went and took a walk around the neighborhood. Feeling blessed, never stressed. Got that sunshine on my Sunday best,” while you’re surrounded in nature with your heart pumping, blood flowing, and a pretty view will surely bring a thankful heart and a fresh perspective.  We recommend starting the day with the Botanical Relief to reduce inflammation and help in your overall well-being. 

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone + Relief 

When the stress of the day creeps up on you physically and mentally find a sense of relief with the song Come and Get Your Love by Redbone. Flare-ups from inflammation and anxiety can be paralyzing but a dose of the Botanical Blend Relief and a little music therapy can relieve the symptoms. 

Get focused.

Sopris Health & Wellness warehouse

What’s Golden by Jurassic 5 + Focus

Adversity is something we try and run from but it is what makes us enjoy the good times even more. We are drawn to challenges because the feeling of getting stronger is so rewarding. The sport of rock climbing has infected many of us with its obsession to get more powerful and the focus to beat ourselves. Tension is released by not focusing on whatever is happening in life but rather taking it out on the rocks and figuring out the problem at hand. What’s Golden by Jurassic 5 will get you in the zone and when you double up with the Botanical Focus you will be sure to get problems solved.

Idaho by Gregory Alan Isakov + Focus 

The pandemic has taken its toll in more ways than one and brain fog has never been more intense than it is these days. Soothe your mind with the song Idaho by Gregory Alan Isakov and pair it with the Botanical Blend Focus to get your to-do list done. 

Ready to chill?

I will Be Blessed by Ben Howard + Serenity

The most relaxing way to end the day is hands down at the hot springs. The minerals help detox and heal while the warm water immediately makes you unwind. There is not a more tranquil song to pair with the Serenity Botanical Blend than Ben Howard’s I will be Blessed as you soak in the healing water and reflect on the day.

Shimmerglimmer by The Candlepark Stars + Serenity

The thought of calming anxiety alone can feel overwhelming. Practice breathwork while you put on the song Shimmerglimmer, take the Botanical Blend Serenity, and zen out. Release what no longer serves you and hold on to the practice of what does. 

Get some quality zzz's

Lilly’s Lullaby + Slumber

Falling asleep can be a real struggle. There are so many things we do out of habit before bed that prevent us from falling asleep as quickly as possible. Play Lilly’s Lullaby and take a dose of Slumber before hitting the sack. 

Old Pine by Ben Howard + Slumber

Summer isn’t complete without nights camping. Just before you decide to go to bed put on the song Old Pine by Ben Howard and listen to the lyrics, “We stood Steady as the stars in the woods, So happy-hearted, And the warmth rang true inside these bones, As the old pine fell we sang, Just to bless the morning.” The mix of his soothing voice and the Botanical Slumber will make you feel inspired as you fall asleep and dream well.

Bliss out!

Vibin Out by FKJ + Bliss

Life can feel like a roller coaster at times, throwing at us all kinds of things that cause stress and anxiety. When you are looking for that even keel feel, you will surely find it when you play the tune Vibin Out by FKJ. Don’t forget to pair it with the Botanical Blend Bliss. Your day may not be smooth sailing but your vibe will be.   

Willy’s Song by Rayland Baxtor + Bliss

Pure happiness is found in days on the water and a fly rod in hand. There’s really not a more meditative way to experience summertime than to enjoy the practice of casting a fly a rod. You will be quickly enveloped with all the good vibes when listening to Willy’s Song and a dose of the botanical Bliss. 

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