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How Wellness Has Impacted The Lives of Our Community

Sopris was founded on a simple belief – to help you enjoy life’s every moment, naturally. 

In keeping with this philosophy, we continuously strive to use the highest quality ingredients to help nourish, sustain, and support both your body and mind.

Each of our expertly crafted formulas is uniquely designed with one goal in mind: to help you live a better, more balanced life – from morning ‘til night.

Every so often, we like to reach out to our community to see how our products are supporting their wellness journey. And, of course, garner feedback on what we could improve upon. 

We feel incredibly lucky each time we see your positive responses rolling in. It reinforces the purposeful work we set out to accomplish when we started Sopris. 

Our community means the world to us – especially when it comes to putting your well-being first. We were so touched by the kind words and incredible stories we've been receiving from our customers. 

And to celebrate, we thought we’d spread a little love and happiness by highlighting some of the many voices of those whose lives we’ve impacted. 

Committed to What’s Most Important...Our Customers!

Stepping in to 2021 gave us an opportunity to pause to reflect on what we value, as well as all that we’re grateful for. There’s something intangible – an undeniably powerful and fulfilling feeling that comes from helping our community. 

Supporting you, your family, your friends, your loved ones – it’s something that rests at the heart of our business. It truly makes our souls smile.

We place an emphasis on being a trustworthy and helpful source for our customers – and to know our community both recognizes and appreciates our efforts is what continues to fuel our purpose and passion. 

These words mean everything to us!

“I have been using several different Sopris products for over 2 years now, from the gelcaps to botanical liquids and creams, and have been very happy with their efficacy, and consistency. 

You can trust the dosage with confidence, and without worry about side effects. Always super quick to arrive after ordering online. I don't even consider other CBD brands any more, Sopris really stands above for quality and consistency you can trust!” 

– Lynn

“Great people behind quality products. Always the best service and delivery. Fair sales, with compassion. Products are crucial elements of my health challenge as I move through to victory. Thank you SH&W!” 

– Tom

“Love the crew at Sopris! Very high quality product! Also so fast to fulfill my orders and get shipped so quickly! I have used almost all their projects and they all serve the purpose they are meant for! Thanks for all the great service and CBD products!”

– Adam

Ensuring You Stay Active Without the “Ouch”

From snowboarding and ice fishing to building snowmen with loved ones, the winter season certainly brings a slew of joyous activities. But, along with the cold – and an active lifestyle – comes achy joints and sore muscles. 

We know our customers (just like us) want to participate in all wonderful activities Colorado has to offer. That’s why it was so important for us to deliver some much-needed pain relief, the natural way.  

“I started taking Sopris CBD during the fall of 2019 for sleep and to heal from minor ultra running/trail running injuries. 

Since I have incorporated it into my daily life, I sleep better, especially after long runs of 18 miles to 50K, when usually insomnia would kick in, and nagging muscle/joint aches and pains have diminished. 

I LOVE IT! Thank you for allowing me to comfortably, strongly, happily engage in running, still... my moving meditation, my therapy, my passion, my dose of the woods and outdoors.”

– Shanti

“At 76 years young, I am pleased to find insomnia, anxiety, and pain relief with the Sopris Health and Wellness products. 

My favorites are the oil, caplets and pain relief salve. These are full spectrum without THC and they are effective. I have been using them daily for years. I highly recommend them for joint pain, restlessness, and relaxation.”

– Danelle

“I love Sopris products! The creams are luscious and so soothing on my skin. And I use the oils internally to help my arthritis and find such relief. I highly recommend them!”

– Elinor

“Love your community and philanthropic spirit and your products keep us out of pain!”

– Jillian

Empowering You to Enjoy Life – Without Sleepless Nights or Anxiety

Work-related stress, feelings of anxiousness, and lack of sleep is not only disruptive to our everyday lives, but these ailments can negatively impact our health too. We wanted to provide a little soothing support, so they could unwind and relax their minds. 

And it’s no secret that now, more than ever, we need our immune systems to remain strong and healthy.

“I use the Sopris 25mg capsules. They lower my anxiety, help me fall asleep, and stay asleep. They really helped me get through a stressful 2020.”

– Geoff

“I am on my second order of the slumber and serenity tinctures. I have found these to be very helpful especially now, and will continue to order these. 

I also just purchased the pain relieving salve which has been very effective on my sore neck and back. I highly recommend Sopris. Their customer service and product is excellent!”

– Stephanie

“CBD 25mg are simply a great product. I feel relaxed as soon as I see the package arrive haha.”

– Terese

“Sopris CBD is consistent. Great products across the board. Good value. Excellent customer service. Their products have been awesome in helping me manage insomnia, as well as helping my dog calm down when she has the zooms.”

– Anonymous 

We want to thank everyone who shared their stories with us – it truly serves as motivation to wake up each day. We are so grateful that word of mouth has been a key reason for our growth and success.

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