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How to Set Your Wellness Brand Apart

Regardless of any industry, businesses are naturally competitive. As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we continually adapt and innovate to keep things new and exciting.

Although there are countless ways to differentiate yourself as a business, we’d like to share how we can help business owners stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the wellness industry.

Since we launched in 2018, Sopris Health & Wellness has grown in every area of business. We’re proud to partner with retailers and encourage other businesses to grow through our vast product line.


Wanna know how to differentiate your wellness brand from others?

Diversify Your Product Line

Carrying new merchandise for retail can set your brand apart and take your business to new heights! A couple of benefits for carrying a new line are increased revenue and customer loyalty. Clients and customers may enjoy your services and simultaneously get to know the products you carry. This will boost your revenue and increase brand loyalty as they come back for more services in the future. Check out our newly released product look book featuring our product line and details on how to work with us. 

Wondering Why You Should Carry Sopris Health & Wellness Products in Your Product Line?

Choosing a retail line to carry in your product line can be overwhelming because there are so many options out there. Having successful retail sales is only possible when you’re proud of a brand and firmly believe in the products, their benefits, and the company’s mission. 

Here’s what our retail partners are saying:

"As one of the owners and managers of Fahrenheit Body Spas, I can testify to the quality of Sopris Health & Wellness CBD products. Being in my position, I get to try a lot of different CBD products and I believe Sopris Health & Wellness has some of the finest CBD products on the market. We are such believers in the quality of their products that when it came time to offer a CBD massage oil in our spa, we knew we wanted Sopris Health & Wellness to make it for us. It's great to have a product we believe in and that we know our clients will enjoy. I can't recommend Sopris Health & Wellness enough!" - Brian Frisselle, Fahrenheit Body Spa

“Bryan has amazing product knowledge! We at 180 Wellness have been carrying their product for years. Highly recommend any of it!” - Cathy Lee, Midland Fitness

Benefits of Carrying Sopris Health & Wellness Products
  1. 1. We want everyone to have access to affordable health care solutions. This is why our order minimums are low. 
  2. We are proud to craft our products in small batches, keeping the quality high and additives at the lowest.
  3. Not all CBD is created equal. We have patented extraction methods that set us apart. We want to keep the guesswork out when it comes to quality and knowing that your products are free of harmful chemicals. 
  4. As an established manufacturer with high values that guide the way we run our company, we are transparent in our testing and are equipped to keep you fully stocked.
  5. Our hemp is grown 100% naturally from one source in Colorado.
  6. We proudly give 5% of our proceeds to charity.

        What Makes Working With Sopris Special?

        Our CBD extraction process is Sopris Health & Wellness’s unique value proposition. We use a patented method that helps keep harmful chemicals out of products intended for health solutions. This low-temperature, lipid-infusion process gently massages the CBD, and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant waxes out of the hemp and into either organic MCT Oil. Although this process is expensive and time-consuming, we believe it delivers a substantially more effective product. 

        Competitors often use ethanol, butane, or CO2, to blast the CBD out of the hemp and convert it to oil. Some take the oil through an additional distillation process to produce what is referred to as CBD isolate. This is convenient and efficient, but these methods have several drawbacks. One huge reason is that they burn off terpenes and other cannabinoids found in the hemp that we believe play a part in the effectiveness of the CBD.  

        Do you have more questions about CBD and our products? Check out more information in our FAQ section

        What it Comes Down to…

        Carrying wholesale products is an effective solution to boost revenue and customer loyalty. We are proud to take the guesswork out when choosing a wellness brand to partner with. Have questions and need more specifics? Let’s get the conversation started. Submit your application here or email us today to learn more about how we can help you through your journey at

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