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Botanical Blends and Their Herbal Superpowers

We believe in the power of plants. The unique formulations in our Botanical Blends support your body and wellness in specific ways by combining full-spectrum CBD with thoughtfully selected medicinal herbs.

In other words, we're plant geeks. And we want to share that geek-dom with you. 

So we asked John, our Director of Product Development, what he loves most about some of the herbs playing leading roles in our CBD + Botanical Blends.

Sleep better

Our Serenity CBD + Botanical Blend combines the calming (but not sedative) quality of full-spectrum CBD with the synergistic action of lemon balm, passionflower and kava to provide all-natural relaxation. Our Slumber tincture helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. Both contain Passionflower.

What do you love most about Passionflower?

John: Although the strongest herbs in these blends are undoubtedly the Valerian and Kava, I'd have to say that my favorite herb is the Passionflower.

It is the unsung hero, the silent partner, the perfect supporting actor.  It is gentle and mild; but this isn't to say it isn't effective. Valerian and Kava alone can be harsh for some people, and Passionflower tames it. It supports it. And in the end, it makes the whole formula more effective. 

In Relief, turmeric, devils claw and white willow work with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD to bring you enhanced ease and comfort. 

What do you love most about White Willow?

John: White willow is certainly one of my favorite herbs. It is the perfect example of how well made herbal extracts can have superior qualities, even compared to their pharmaceutical counterparts. Synthesized white willow is aspirin, and white willow provides the same anti-inflammatory effects, without the same unwanted side effects.

Focus is for busy and distracted minds, full-spectrum CBD provides calming balance while bacopa, ginkgo, and rosemary enhance memory retention while also supporting the long-term health of the nervous system. 

What do you love most about Bacopa?

John: Bacopa is a wonderful herb. Although it has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine, it is relatively new in the world of western herbalism. It is, however, destined to be a much more utilized herb. It is an excellent cognitive enhancing herb. Great for studying or working, and who couldn't use a little boost there.

In our Bliss Botanical Blend, St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil (Tulsi) and Lemon Balm join forces with full-spectrum CBD to help you manage stress and anxiety, naturally.

What do you love most about Holy Basil?

John: My favorite herb in the Bliss blend is definitely Tulsi (aka Holy Basil). It also has a long history of revered use in Ayurvedic medicine, hence the name Holy Basil. Officially considered a wide-spectrum adaptogenic herb, Tulsi is, simply, a wonderfully grounding and supporting herb for everyday use. It helps manage stress and increase overall well-being. 

Our Vitality CBD + Botanical tincture enhances liveliness through a combination of high-quality full-spectrum CBD and adaptogenic herbs ashwagandha, maca and eleuthero

What do you love most about Eleuthero?

John: Eleuthero, or Siberian Ginseng, is a great pick-me-up. When energy is low, Eleuthero is a great option for increasing production, concentration. It may not be as strong a stimulant as other herbs, but it is balanced.  

You can harness the power of plant medicine to create more balance in your life in specific ways.

Our CBD + Botanical Blend tinctures represent the most effective CBD options in the marketplace. In this expertly crafted product line, we target certain ailments by combining the incredible power of a full-spectrum CBD extract with traditional botanical extracts.

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