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Well-being for all: 5% of our 2020 proceeds donated to Aspen Strong

Sopris Health and Wellness was founded on a simple idea: that your wellness matters. We believe physical and mental health is paramount to living an extraordinary life, and that you deserve nothing less.

That's why our standards are high from the time a hemp seed is planted in the ground to the moment our glass-bottled product lands in the palm of your hand — and beyond.

When crafting our wellness products, we start with high-quality hemp, grown 100% naturally without pesticides, from a single source in Colorado. Our patented low-temperature lipid infusion extraction process is the most natural and effective way to extract a full-spectrum CBD product. And flawless customer service is our norm.

The "beyond" part is rooted in our company's core belief in access to well-being. We've been committed to donating 5% of all proceeds to charities that help combat the opioid epidemic and promote mental health awareness.

For the first time since our company's foundation in 2018, we have proceeds to donate. On this year's Colorado Gives Day, we were thrilled to hand over a (literally) big check to Aspen Strong, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting mental health in Roaring Fork Valley.

Aspen Strong

Angilina Taylor, Chairwoman of Aspen Strong, and Bryan Ward, founder of Sopris Health and Wellness

Every day at Sopris, we get to help our customers feel better by providing a variety of consciously crafted wellness products. Sustainably sourced from local hemp farmers, our products harness the power of full-spectrum CBD to support the body's natural ability to regulate and restore itself. 

On Colorado Gives Day, in light of our mission to empower humanity and effect meaningful change through accessibility to affordable health solutions, we donated 5% of our 2020 proceeds to Aspen Strong to the foundation support and advocate for mental health awareness. 

We firmly believe in Aspen Strong’s mission of supporting mental health awareness – especially in mountain towns where depression and suicide rates are alarmingly higher than many other areas.

The funds will help further Aspen’s efforts to promote mental hygiene, improve access to care, and leverage resources to build a more resilient and healthy community.

“We are incredibly grateful for the donation from Sopris Health and Wellness. The funding will not only help back our mental health coordination team, but it’ll bolster our efforts moving forward as we endeavor to create a larger impact within the community.

- Angilina Taylor, Chairwoman of Aspen Strong

Sopris was born from a desire to start a company that could positively impact people’s lives. Giving back stirs up unfathomable joy – and it’s something we’ve been extremely passionate about from the very beginning.

Please check out 

Aspen Strong and the incredible work they're doing for thee Roaring Fork Valley we call home. 

Thank you for being a part of the Sopris Health and Wellness family, where wellness happens from seed to bottle and beyond.

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