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A Day In the Life at Sopris!

We've been thinking about how to best support you and your well-being since the beginning. Our company was founded on the idea that our products should change the world.

So in 2018, we settled into our small-batch production warehouse in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and started crafting the kinds of wellness products that you deserve.

You're worth more than hype and basic hemp, friend!

That's why our standards are high from the time a hemp seed is planted in the ground to the moment our glass-bottled product lands in the palm of your hand– and beyond.

We start with high-quality hemp, grown 100% naturally without pesticides, from a single source in Colorado.

We use a patented low-temperature lipid infusion extraction process that is the most natural and effective way to extract a full-spectrum CBD product.

And even though it costs 3x as much as traditional, solvent-based extraction methods and takes 10x as long, we do it anyway!

Because, well, it's just better.

When customers tell us "they've tried CBD before but ours is the only one that works" — this extraction process is the reason why. 

"Full-spectrum" means you're getting a whole slew of a plant's goodness, instead of just a fraction of it.

CBD is actually just one cannabinoid out of many found in hemp. Harnessing a fuller essence of a plant, rather than plucking out a single compound, is going to have a different effect on the body. Combining various cannabinoids can lead to a strengthened effect on the body.

In other words, when cannabinoids work together (as they do in a full-spectrum extract), they're proving to be more effective than when a single one is isolated.

You know what we love most about being a small-batch company?

Since we’re not mass sourcing or mass producing, we can be more thoughtful and intentional about what we make. We don’t have to cut corners.

All our cosmetics are made in small batches and sold quickly – not formulated to sit on warehouse shelves for years on end. So we keep necessary additives to a minimum to bring you more natural and gentle body care products.

Flawless customer service is our norm.

It's why we offer a no-questions-asked customer satisfaction return policy.

And the "beyond" part: We donate 5% of our proceeds to charities that help combat the opioid epidemic and promote mental health awareness.

On this year's Colorado Gives Day, we were thrilled to hand over a (literally) big check to Aspen Strong, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting mental health in Roaring Fork Valley.

Our values are the force behind our products, and they're what set us apart from the rest (aside from being nestled at the base of this beauty!)

We believe physical and mental health is paramount to living an extraordinary life. You deserve nothing less.

Thank you for being a part of the Sopris Health and Wellness family, where wellness happens from seed to bottle and beyond.

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