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7 Paw-Fect Benefits of CBD for Your Pets

While cats and dogs can’t speak human, ask any pet parent about their relationship with their furry loved one, and you’ll receive the same jubilant response each time: they are our absolute best fur-friend through thick and thin.

Pets are not only present through some of life’s toughest moments and memorable milestones, but they offer a level of emotional support that is simply priceless. 

As a reward, we shower our pets with hours of petting and unconditional love, as well as way-too-many tasty treats.

Just as our paw-fect furballs are there for us, we want to provide our four-legged loved ones with everything they need to feel great and live optimally. 

Here’s a mind-blowing fact: did you know that full-spectrum CBD not only eases human ailments, but it can provide the same medicinal benefits for our pets too? That’s right, cannabinoids offer a plethora of benefits for our favorite felines and ulti-mutt pups! Here’s a look at all the advantages your pets can reap from high-quality CBD.

May Help Minimize Stress & Anxiety

Animals are just as susceptible as humans to experiencing stress and anxiety. Everything from loud noises and separation anxiety to traveling and a wide spectrum of fears can trigger these feelings for your little angel. For some, that means acting out – and even destructive behavior. For others, that could mean cowering in a corner or whimpering in distress. The good news? CBD has been shown to help your pet attain a sense of relaxation and calmness – without the “high” – making it an effective solution in these troubling moments where your furry friend is in a state of discomfort.  

May Reduce Severity or Risk of Seizures

Like many conditions, pets may be prescribed medication for managing things like seizures or epilepsy. Because of the side effects and harm that some medications can cause internally, many pet parents are seeking out alternative ways to treat these conditions – and CBD is one of them. 

Studies have shown CBD may help control or lower the frequency of your pet’s seizures without making them vulnerable to common prescription side effects like dizziness, confusion, liver damage, and lethargy, among others. Although CBD is not a treatment or cure for diseases, its anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties can prove to be advantageous in minimizing the duration and frequency of seizures. 

May Provide Relief from Pain & Inflammation

As our four-legged friends grow older, they’re more prone to inflammation and bodily aches and pains. Similar to the way cannabinoids help with pain management in humans, their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can decrease chronic pain and inflammation in pets as well. Things like nerve-related pain, arthritis, and similar ailments can cause your pooch or purr-fect pet a whirlwind of discomfort and suffering (which is agonizing to watch). That’s why many pet parents opt to use CBD to encourage relief and reduce pain. 

May Help Treat Skin Conditions

Not only are skin conditions in pets common, but you’ll see the repercussions reflected in your pet’s behavior. You may notice visible signs, like rashes, hair loss, or red skin, or you might first see behavioral changes, such as excessive licking and scratching – all of which can indicate an infection or allergic reaction.

CBD can be leveraged to ease discomfort and reduce the severity of a wide spectrum of skin conditions. We recommend you always consult with your vet first and ensure your pet receives the proper treatment if needed. 

May Stimulate Healing

In a similar breath, due to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it can help speed up the healing process – especially for things like bruises and cuts. The goal is to always strive to treat wounds as early as possible to reduce unwanted complications, such as infection.  

May Decrease Nausea & Increase Appetite

There’s a myriad of factors that can contribute to the loss of appetite in animals. Because CBD naturally interacts with your furry friend’s endocannabinoid system, it can be beneficial in regulating appetite – improving your pet’s desire to eat altogether. The same rationale applies to pets who are prone to vomiting and nausea. In general, CBD can improve gut health and function for your pets. 

May Help Manage Neurodegenerative Diseases

Like their human counterparts, elderly pets are more prone to battling neurodegenerative diseases – which is common with age. From myelopathy to nerve and spine diseases, CBD has been shown to protect your furball’s brain – especially from toxins. It’s also had a positive impact in helping minimize DNA damage, neuroinflammation, and autoimmune deficiencies.

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