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6 stories of wellness from our community

A few weeks ago, we reached out with a simple question: How can we best support your wellness?

The responses flooded in — and we could not be more grateful.

In 2018, we set out to create the highest quality full-spectrum CBD wellness products out there. Our hemp extracts expanded into a line of herbal tinctures, body care products, pet treats and more — all with the intention to bring whole-plant wellness into your life.

Our community means everything to us. So we wanted to share a few of the incredible stories and kind words we received in our customer feedback survey (which will remain forever open, by the way, if you're having FOMO and want to join the party!)

Transforming restlessness & anxiety

"Between the restlessness and anxiety from my work and especially this last year, without Sopris my sleeping would have suffered detrimentally.

I have tried just a few others before I found Sopris. Your tinctures, gel tabs and Ointments are the best and the cleanest and the purest around.

I really appreciate the pride you guys take in creating the best CBD products on the market today."

- Adam G.

Sleep makes such an incredible difference in quality of life. A fast-paced society doesn't always support the kind of well-rested-ness that makes for healthier immune systems and happier people. We're so glad and honored to support better sleep.

Healthier furry friends

So many of our customers are loving our line of pet products!

"My dogs seizures have been reduced by 70-80 % with your dog treats."

- Anonymous

Empowering habits

"I have fewer cravings for alcohol when I take the 700mg cbd oil.

It also reduces anxiety. And the capsules improve my sleep."

- Anonymous

Wellness has a ripple effect throughout our lives in so many ways, and it's profound to hear about the different kinds of impact our products can have.

It's why we feel so strongly about making high-quality, natural wellness products more accessible to more people. We believe everyone deserves to feel their best.

An active lifestyle that feels good

Based in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, we know all about loving an active lifestyle! And our customers do, too.

"The full spectrum tincture has reduced my pain from arthritis in the knee. I love to walk when I golf and the CBD from Sopris has taken away nearly all the pain.

It also helps me relax at the end of the day and I seem to sleep better as well."

- Brady Sheldon

"Lots of pain relief using the pain salve. Serious back issues and nerve pain in my feet feel much better with the salve."

Pog P.

"Eased the pain in my arthritic knees and hip!"

- Peg R.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for sharing your stories with us. You're the reason we exist!

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