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4 Mom-Worthy CBD Products to Make Her Mother’s Day

Mom. Such a simple 3-letter word. Yet it’s powerful enough to elicit incredibly warm feelings inside each of us. Why? Because mothers have an innate ability to brighten our lives with their unconditional love. 

Right now, we all know several moms out there who are changing diapers, helping with homework, making their mark professionally and juggling a myriad of responsibilities.

These superheroes could all use a little extra TLC. So, for Mother’s Day (or any occasion), why not treat the special women in your life to the gift of self-care. 

Full-spectrum CBD offers something for every kind of mother – from grand-moms to fur-moms to everyone in-between – allowing them to indulge in a little nature-infused bliss. 

For the Mom on the Go

Whether the mom in your life is at work, running errands or grabbing a bite to eat with friends, treat them to a little soothing support whenever they’re on-the-go with Serenity CBD + Botanical Blend

mother's day

Did you know Mother Nature is teeming with therapeutic and medicinal plants.

Like what, you ask? Kava and Passionflower are two examples that come to mind. 

When combined with Lemon Balm and Full-Spectrum CBD, these ingredients become an oasis in a bottle (or, as well call it, Serenity) – furnishing your loved one with the gift of all-natural relaxation. 

It’s the perfect way to tell stress and anxiety to take a hike without having to deal with any unwanted sedating effects.

Treat the women in your life to their own little slice of heaven.

For the Mom Who Needs Some ZZZs

We know everyone could use an extra dose of ZZZ’s – especially moms!

mother's day gift

Struggling to turn our brains off at night can affect both our quality of life and health. We created our Slumber CBD + Botanical blend to help others stop counting sheep and drift off to sleep with ease. 

Crafted with Passionflower, the sedating effects of Valerian and California Poppy, and the calming effects of high-quality, this tincture will help the mom in your life stop tossing and turning and wake refreshed, naturally. 

For the Mom Who Deserves a Little Relaxation

We can’t lie: we love a good massage. It’s a great way to balance the body and mind while alleviating tension and stress. 

When massage oil contains CBD, it’s absorbed into the body and stimulates the endocannabinoid system – which ensures our bodies maintain homeostasis. 

mother's day massage

The endocannabinoid system also plays a vital role in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes, such as boosting our immune system, improving memory retention, accelerating the recovery process, enhancing clarity and focus, decreasing feelings of anxiousness and supporting our overall well-being.

We know what you’re thinking -- “I can give the special lady in my life a massage and better well-being?” Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

And the real icing on the cake? Our Massage Oil is packed with beneficial botanicals and essential oils – like frankincense, sandalwood, rose, vetiver and more – to enhance the benefits reaped from our full-spectrum CBD. 

For the Mom Who Loves Being Active

From hiking to yoga to skiing – many of us are surrounded by moms that love the outdoors and staying active. 

mom hiking

And it’s such a bummer when achy joints and muscle pain prevent those we care about from enjoying the activities they love the most. Meet the ultimate companion for alleviating discomfort and soreness: our maximum strength, Pain-Relieving Salve.

We combined a powerful dose of our full-spectrum CBD with the anti-inflammatory qualities of arnica and the analgesic properties of camphor, to deliver the perfect soothing, healing treat. Oh, and it smells scrumptious too (that’s always a plus, right?)

Make sure your loved ones are able to participate in the activities that ignite their lives with fulfillment and enjoyment by giving them a little “ahhh...relief.”

mother's day

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