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Can CBD Help You Sleep?

For the rest you need without the side effects of over-the-counter sleep aids, the popular extract of hemp can’t be b...

Boosting Your Brain Health in Three Steps

Find out how athletes, college students and gamers are gaining a mental edge over the competition.

Why and How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Heart Health

Many are mindful of how diet and exercise affect heart health, but aromatherapy offers complementary support with ess...

How to Set Your Wellness Brand Apart

Regardless of any industry, businesses are naturally competitive. As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we continuall...

What to Eat to Improve Your Adrenal Health

6 foods to nourish your body and reduce stress.

On The Road? Follow These 13 Steps to Eating Better While Traveling

The holidays are here and for many of us that means traveling to see family and friends.

CBD Quality 101: Teaching CBD Quality to Customers

By now, a decent number of people know what CBD is, but many don’t know the difference between variations.  Thus, ta...

CBD and Food? Tips for Using CBD While Cooking

How Leah Vanderveldt, author of The CBD Kitchen, harnesses the powers of this trendy plant to create a host of health...

Get Better Sleep Tonight

America is becoming a country where sleep is a luxury. It's estimated that up to one out of every three Americans is ...

Celebrating The Sopris Health & Wellness Community

Cheers! We’re excited to celebrate our amazing community. Enjoy the party as we highlight the ones who have joined us...

What Does Gut Health Have to Do With Mental Health? We'll Tell You!

The gut-brain connection might be the key to better mental health.
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